Lead Generation Contact Form Using PHP, Jquery, Ajax, and MySQL

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Live Version Of Contact Form

Lead Generating, Well Coded, End to End PHP Contact Form(With Source Code)

Click Here To Download Source Code

Hello world! For my first tech post I’m going to extensively cover all angles of creating an eye catching, lead converting, amazingly cool contact form.

What will this really cool lead gen form be able to do?

1. You’ll be able to manipulate the page of the contact form when the user’s mouse hovers the contact form. The form was a square in the top right of the page, but when the user hovered the form we are able to tell it to pop out in a cool circle layout. We also darken all the background and remove any links that may take the users attention away from our form.

lead generation php, ajax, jquery, mysql contact form

2. The form will be able to scroll with the user down the page

contact form that scrolls with user and stays fixed to the screen

3. The form will change to look just as good on mobile as it does on desktop

contact form that looks great on mobile and desktop

4. You’ll be able to create several, higher converting, input fields such as single click buttons and input sliders.

form with input sliders and single click button answers

5. You are also able to add logic to the form based on the answers the user inputs. This way you are able to collect more specific information for increased conversion rates on leads and two increase the actual form fill out rate by giving information back to the user in return for their information.

So, we’re basically going to cover everything to do with forms.

When I say we plan on covering every aspect of creating a contact form, I mean it. My goal is to help you dominate your given market niche with a uniquely flexible eye catching lead generation form. More than that though, my hope is that you are also able to understand the coding architecture and general logic flow behind the collection, confirmation, distribution, and secure storage of passing user information.

We will separate the tutorials into several different parts. But, to start out with we’ll start with focusing on separating the creation of our form into two simple steps.

The Front End Of Our Contact Form

The front end of our contact form will be focused on user experience and conversion rate. To achieve a top notch user experience we will be using:

  • Jquery (Don’t worry if you’ve never used it before. It’s a pretty simple javascript library)
  • Ajax (Again, it’s okay if you haven’t used ajax before. I’ll explain in the videos)
  • Bootstrap Input Slider Library Component
  • PHP (I’ll explain if you don’t have experience)

The Back End Of Our Contact Form

Once the form is submitted, the back end of the form will do the following.

  • Insert Information into a mySQL database
  • Send the user a confirmation email
  • Send ourselves or anyone of our choosing the user information via email
  • Send ourselves or anyone of our choosing the information via txt message(have to know who the cell phone provider is)
  • We’ll also create an admin side portal that will output all user input in more user friendly format. We’ll be using This PHP and mySQL Tutorial From Coding Cage. (If you enjoy the Lamp stack I highly recommend checking coding cage out. They have AMAZING design, and use best coding practices like the PDO database abstraction layer.)

If all of this sounds difficult, don’t worry. You’ll have the source code, and I’ll explain the rest through individual posts as well as youtube videos. I’ve also put tons of comments throughout the source code AND I’ve simplified the back end by having the functions already set up. If you have any questions, I encourage you to ask. My goal is to pass along what I’ve learned to help others who are looking for a more personalized lead generation form. If you want to begin dominating your market, stay tuned. Because that’s exactly what we plan to do.

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